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Monday April 17, 2017

British Benevolent Fund Soiree in Palma!

If you happen to be in Mallorca this Easter you can join a fun event with the British Ambassador, Lord Archer (as auctioneer) and local expats and Mallorcan VIPs at Finca Son Mir near Palma on Thursday 20, April from 7-9.30pm.

The event is raising funds and awareness for the British Benevolent Fund and tickets can be bought online...


Saturday April 8, 2017

The Silver Siurell Awards 2017!

It was a huge honour to have been awarded the Silver Siurell 2017 at a gala event at beautiful Caixa Forum in Palma recently. The awards which were inaugurated during the seventies are presented to three recipients in the Baleares by the Balearic Agrotourism Association.

Winners are chosen for having promoted and upheld Mallorcan values, culture and traditions – in...


Wednesday March 1, 2017

A walk on the wild side in Mallorca with FT How to spend it!

For anyone interested in visiting the less frequented central area of beautiful Mallorca – what for me, at least, is the very heart and soul of the island – do read my latest article which appeared in last week’s issue of FT How to spend it magazine.

Visitors to Mallorca predictably head for the southwest coastal zones, Palma, the...


Thursday February 9, 2017

Who said romance was dead?

When a lonesome peacock flitted into our garden some months ago, we assumed it would flit off again but no, it decided to stay.

It was probably happy to find itself in a tranquil wonderland of trees and chirpy hens with corn fed several times a day. All was well for a while but when Jeronimo (for that was what...


Thursday February 9, 2017

Let it snow!

Whenever anyone asks me about the weather patterns in Mallorca I always explain that different areas of the island experience what might be described as micro-climates.

For instance when it is raining in Soller in the northwest, those in Palma might be enjoying glorious sunshine. In fact, driving through the Soller toll tunnel is a fascinating adventure. One enters from...


Tuesday November 15, 2016

Countdown to Christmas!

As an island, Mallorca is fairly laid back about the festive season until the very last minute. Christmas lights usually appear some time during December in most towns and villages with Palma leading the way. Today, I noticed a huge crowd of onlookers pointing excitedly up at several strings of lights being arranged across Plaza Mayor.

Suddenly Christmas has become...


Tuesday October 4, 2016

Save our hedgehogs!

While our furry friend the hedgehog is under threat of extinction in the UK, happily it seems to be thriving here in Mallorca! In the fifties hedgehogs were a very common sight in Britain but six decades later the population has been decimated with only an estimated one million left.

Hedgehogs need uninterrupted space to forage and to roam as they...


Saturday July 16, 2016

A Chorus of Cockerels has landed!

After a wonderful few weeks of celebrating the launch of my new – and sixth – Mallorcan travel title, A Chorus of Cockerels I am now getting down to final edits for my first crime novel…it never stops!

if any of you kind readers have bought my new book and enjoyed it, I would be hugely grateful if you might...


Thursday May 5, 2016

Time to get to grips with Spanish!

My new monthly column is now available online.

This month I have focused on the nitty gritty issue of learning the language when one decides to relocate to a new destination. In the case of Britons residing in Spain, many refuse to take lessons or prioritise learning Spanish because they assume most locals will speak English. This is not always...


Friday April 1, 2016

April 1st- New Telegraph Expat Bulletin and a good drenching in the rain!

Read the latest expat news today from Telegraph Expat which also includes my latest monthly column You can sign up here to receive regular Telegraph Expat weekly news bulletins for free!

Today in Soller it has been rather wet and windy but that didn’t stop me throwing on my old gym gear this morning and heading off along...