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Donkeys on my Doorstep synopsis

The dream is near completion. Anna is loosening the reins on her London PR company to spend more time in Mallorca with her family, cattery, chickens and goats, and insists their menagerie will only be complete with not one donkey, but two. She attempts almond harvesting in the countryside amid summertime ant and wasp infestations in the finca, and attends a traditional wedding and the spectacular Sant Juan horse festival in Menorca. Meanwhile, she befriends an elderly poet whose love letters to his fiancé during the Spanish Civil War waft into her field, unveiling a poignant story of bravery and sacrifice.

Brimming with humorous and loveable characters, Donkeys on my Doorstep is a charming take on the simple and rewarding life of rural Mallorca.

Daily Telegraph Expat, June 2010
‘A warm and intelligent account of expat life in Spain filled with humorous anecdotes… the Majorcan countryside is described in attentive, often lyrical detail… A vast quantity of factual snippets make the book as intelligent as it is entertaining…’

Live Your Life e-zine, June 2010
‘Anna once again manages to make me want to give up my life in London and set up shop on a Spanish island… it’s charming and thoughtfully written, so go…’

Real Travel magazine, August 2010
‘Chapters open with descriptive writing about the place she’s in, but the beating heart of the book is made up of her relationships with the people and animals… endearing, funny…’

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